Xi Delta Actives Roster

The Full List of Active Brothers for 2017 - 2018



Name Major Position Email
Noah Clanahan Construction Management President nclanahan2015@my.fit.edu
William Reily Chemical Engineering Vice President wreily2016@my.fit.edu
Nikolas Vieder Ocean Engineering Secretary nvieder2017@my.fit.edu
Zach Shelton Physics and STEM Education Treasurer and Dog Chairman zshelton2015@my.fit.edu
Sam Dorian Biomedical Engineering Judiciary sdorian2016@my.fit.edu
Mitchell Spalding Aeronautical Science with Flight Historian and Sports Chair mspalding2016@my.fit.edu
Jack Carson Chemical Engineering Risk Management zshelton2015@my.fit.edu
Adam Bettencourt Mechanical Engineering Total Membership Educator abettencourt2016@my.fit.edu
Alex Ross Computer Engineering Recruitment Chairman and IFC Voting Delegate aross2017@my.fit.edu
Patrick Larkin Mechanical Engineering Brotherhood Chairman plarkin2014@my.fit.edu
Brian Nyffenegger Aerospace Engineering Philanthropy Chairman bnyffenegger2015@my.fit.edu
Jack Weaver Ocean Engineering Webmaster jweaver2017@my.fit.edu
Alexander Whidden Aerospace Engineering Alumni Relations Chairman awhidden2015@my.fit.edu
Reed Coffey Chemical Engineering Social Chair rcoffey2016@my.fit.edu
Zachary Carter Biomedical Engineering Bylaw Chairman zcarter2017@my.fit.edu
Jankiss Maher Astrobiology Scholarship jmaher2017@my.fit.edu
Jeremy Jones Aerospace Engineering House Manager jeremy2014@my.fit.edu
Cody Cochran Aeronautical Science with Flight IFC Non-Voting Delegate ccochran2017@my.fit.edu
Alexander Smith Aeronautical Science with Flight   alexanderkirksmith1@yahoo.com
Andrew Link Astrophysics and Astronomy   alink2016@my.fit.edu
Ankon Rahman Aviation Management   arahman2014@my.fit.edu
Anthony Eppley Astronomy and Astrophysics   aeppley2016@my.fit.edu
Anthony Messina Software Engineering   amessina2016@my.fit.edu
Brian Fossati Aerospace Engineering   brian.fossati22@gmail.com
Caleb McDougall Electrical Engineering   caleb.mcdougall2@gmail.com
Charley Taaffe Software Engineering   ctaaffe2016@my.fit.edu
Connor Cassidy Business   ccassidy2015@my.fit.edu
Cullen Kuhry Aerospace Engineering   ckuhry@gmail.com
Eric Lou Aerospace Engineering   luoy2014@my.fit.edu
Einan Sauerhaft Aviation Management with Flight   esauerhaft2014@my.fit.edu
Felipe Isaacs Business Administration   isaacs.felipe@gmail.com
Jon Sopelak Mechanical Engineering   jsopelak2017@my.fit.edu
Julio Burbano Mechanical Engineering   jburbano2015@my.fit.edu
Massimo Montanaro Aerospace Engineering   mmontanaro2016@my.fit.edu
Max Williams Ocean Engineering   mwilliams2015@my.fit.edu
Nick Laws Ocean Engineering   lawsnicklaws@gmail.com
Siddharth Kuthiala Mechanical Engineering   sidd202@gmail.com
Stephan Kenneavy Mechanical Engineering   stephan.kenneavy@gmail.com
Troy Higgins Aerospace Engineering   thiggins77@gmail.com
Tyler Pietrowicz Mechanical Engineering   tylerpietrowicz@gmail.com
Tanner Matthews Aviation Management with Flight   tmatthews2014@my.fit.edu
Taylor Sey Astronomy and Astrophysics   TrSey96@gmail.com
Zachariah Watkins-Wiseman Computer Science   zwatkinswise2014@my.fit.edu
Mr. Pickles