A New Face to the Brotherhood

by Brian Finnell

It is said that man’s best friend is his dog, and we here at the Xi Delta Chapter couldn’t agree more. It is has been several years since the Florida Tech chapter has seen furry paws running around the house and it was quickly discovered how much they were missed. Mr. Pickles, a german shepherd and pitbull mix, has now been officially instated as a Chapter Dog at Xi Delta. Mr. Pickles was first brought to us as a pup, and with only being a few months old, still made his mark in each of the brothers hearts. It wasn’t until earlier this semester, however, that he was fully accepted, moved in, and became a member of this chapter for the many years to come. Mr. Pickles, like his many new brothers, is working on his education. He recently graduated as one of the star pupils in his local training class. He is well on his way to becoming a certified service dog and we all can’t wait to see what he will accomplish in the future. With never refusing to play fetch or receive undying love and attention, Mr. Pickles has found a perfect home and one in which every active member loves to have him apart of.