Hurricane Matthew

4060 Dairy Rd. Still Standing!

by Zach Shelton

With Hurricane Mathew officially behind us, Xi Delta is very thankful for the last-minute direction shift of the storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone on the east coast who may have been affected by its force. Chi Phi Manor was aptly and quickly prepared by the brothers of Xi Delta led by house manager, Larry Leovan. With the house properly secured, XDHC called for an evacuation due to the uncertain path of the storm. The brothers collected the important mementos of Xi Delta History, including both charters, and secured the rest! Some brothers were heading far away from Florida for Fall break but several had no where to turn. With many needing a place to evacuate to, the ties of brotherhood led them to the homes of brothers from all across the state. Now with the remaining brothers being safetly looked after, the chapter was prepped for any weather that was to come. Everyone turned poised to their TV’s, watching the radar, watching as Matthew moved closer and closer to Melbourne. We all feared the worst for our house and barn, with the center of Xi Delta being in the middle of a Category 4 hurricane. Winds at that scale have been known to demolish far more sturdy structures than our steadfast log cabin. Purchased in 1989, 27 years of history was now on line and facing probable destruction. Holding our breath until about midday Friday, all the while getting reports that the storm pivoted from the space coast, 4060 Dairy Road still did not escape unscathed. However, it was not nearly as bad as what was forecasted. Returning to the house, it was found still standing and with little to no damage. Other than a dirty and flooded yard, Xi Delta and the Chi Phi Manor survived the hurricane with nothing more than just a few scratches. After one Sunday of clean up, the house was returned to its former glory and the chapter couldn't be more grateful.