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The National History of Chi Phi Fraternity

  • 1824 - ∞

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The Chi Phi Fraternity, as it exists today, is the outgrowth of three older organizations, each of which bore the name of Chi Phi. These organizations were the Chi Phi Society, founded at the College of New Jersey (Princeton); the Chi Phi Fraternity, established at the University of North Carolina; and the Secret Order of Chi Phi, founded at Hobart College.The Chi Phi Fraternity currently maintains 65 chapters and colonies at prestigious colleges and universities across the nation.

  • December 1824

    The Princeton Order

    The first of these older organizations, the Chi Phi Society, which is known in the history of the fraternity at the Princeton Order of Chi Phi, was established at the College of New Jersey, later Princeton University, on December 24, 1824, by Robert Baird, then a tutor in the college and later a prominent Presbyterian clergyman. He associated with himself in the formation of this secret Chi Phi Society, a number of the members of the faculties of both college and seminary as well as undergraduates of both institutions. This society ceased to be active in 1825.
    Thirty years later, in the winter of 1853-54, John MacLean, Jr., found among the papers of his uncle, John MacLean, President of Princeton University, the old constitution, minute book, and ritual of the Chi Phi Society of 1824 and, with these as his guide, he united with Charles Smith Degraw and Gustavus W. Mayer in reorganizing the old society at Princeton along "modern lines." The old motto and a great part of the ritual were retained. In the fall of 1854, Mayer organized a second chapter of the Chi Phi Society at Franklin and Marshall College. Joseph Henry Dubbs, later a distinguished professor of history at this Alma Mater, being the first initiate. The opposition of the Princeton faculty and the prohibitory pledge caused the death of the reorganized Princeton Chapter in 1859 when its records were destroyed by the last active members, leaving the Lancaster Chapter alone to represent the society.

  • August 1858

    The Southern Order

    The second of these older organizations, called the Chi Phi Fraternity and now known in our history as the Southern Order of Chi Phi, was founded at the University of North Carolina on August 21, 1858, by Thomas Capehart, Augustus Flythe, John C. Tucker, William H. Green, Fletcher T. Seymour, and James J. Cherry, who were students at the University and organized this club to perpetuate their preparatory school friendships and named it the Chi Phi Fraternity. The idea of expansion was early manifested and chapters were rapidly organized at Centenary, Davidson, Virginia, Nashville, and Cumberland. However, the War Between the States meant the end of all but the parent chapter. With the cessation of hostilities, new chapters sprang up at Hampden-Sydney, Georgia, Edinburgh, Mercer, Emory, Oglethorpe, Trinity, Kentucky Military Institute, and St. John's. The extinct chapters at Virginia and Davidson were reorganized. Following the War, the University of North Carolina itself was closed, necessitating the transfer of the "Alpha" Chapter title to the Virginia Chapter. While this organization had a constitution and held conventions, the primary authority rested with the "Alpha" Chapter.
    When the North Carolina Chapter was re-established, it took on the hyphenated name "Alpha-Alpha." Those chapters of Chi Phi with hyphenated names indicate that upon the reorganization of that chapter, its prior chapter name was already taken by an existing chapter. The hyphenated Alpha was added to the front of the old chapter name.

  • November 1860

    The Secret Order

    The Secret Order of Chi Phi, which is now known in the history of the Fraternity as the Hobart Order of Chi Phi, was formed at Hobart College on November 14, 1860 by Amos Brunson and Alex J. Beach, who were students at the college and, being dissatisfied with the fraternities existing at Hobart, associated themselves with John W. Jones, George G. Hopkins, Edward S. Lawson, Samuel W. Tuttle, David S. Hall, David P. Jackson, William H. Shepard, Harvey N. Loomis, William Sutphen and Frank B. Wilson, and founded the Upsilon Chapter of the Secret Order of Chi Phi. From Hobart, charters were soon issued at new chapters at Kenyon, Princeton, and Rutgers.

  • Unification

    Five years later the Secret Order of Chi Phi at Hobart learned of the existence of the Chi Phi Society in Pennsylvania and on May 29,1867, the two societies formally united. The Northern Order of the Chi Phi Fraternity was thus formed, and later placed chapters at Muhlenberg Cornell, Dickinson, Wofford, Washington and Lee, Lehigh, Brown, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Amherst, Ohio Wesleyan, and Lafayette.
    In early winter of 1865-66, the Hobart alumni in New York learned of the existence of the Chi Phi Fraternity in the South through John Shepard, a member of the Alpha Chapter at North Carolina. Negotiations for union were initiated but languished until the Northern Chi Phis placed chapters at Wofford and Washington and Lee in 1871-72. Particularly through the energy of the members of the latter chapter, these negotiations were renewed and, after many mutual concessions, the union was finally consummated at a meeting of a joint committee held In Washington, D.C. on July 23, 1874. The new organization took the name Chi Phi Fraternity from the Southern Order, while the fabric of organization and ritual come from the Northern Order.

Why Join Chi Phi?

Benefits of Joining Our Brotherhood at Florida Tech


Founded in 1824, the Chi Phi Fraternity is the oldest men's college fraternity in existence today. It exists for the betterment of collegiate men all over the country. The Xi Delta Chapter at Florida Institute of Technology has been alive since 1968, far longer than most chapters in the local Greek community today. Since 1968, the brothers of Chi Phi have a long standing tradition of upholding values of truth, honor, and personal integrity in every aspect of their lives.
Chi Phi is a life long commitment that trancends all other bonds. This tradition carries over, after gradation, and prepares you for life after college.


At Chi Phi you get to associate yourself with possibly the most diverse organization on campus. By belonging to an organization where you aquaint yourselves with brothers from all over the globe, you broaden your view to new cultures and ideas while simultaneously building unbreakable bonds with like-minded individuals. Most people graduate from college knowing a lot of people but with very few friends they can actually trust. We provide the oppurtunity for you to make lifelong friendships with men you can confidently call your brothers.

Becoming a Leader

One of the main attributes of joining Chi Phi is the opportunity to foster your ability to lead. Whether it is by taking on a position within the chapter or pursuing opportunities on campus, Chi Phi believes in representing ourselves within the campus community in every possible facet.
If you've always known you were born to lead you belong at Chi Phi. Come nurture your leadership abilities by taking an office, leading a commitee or just by being part of the decision making process. At Chi Phi; we don't just say, we DO.

The House

As an organization that has been around for a little over forty years, our Chi Phi chapter has aquired a residence only 5 minutes away from campus. Chi Phi Manor consists of our rustic log cabin house and Chi Phi barn (yes, a barn) which all resides on 3.5 beautiful acres located on Dairy Road.
Our house fits 12-16 brothers comfortably with 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, furnished living room, and kitchen. As a campus-recognized residence, any student who joins our organization has the option of living at the house as early as their sophomore year, instead of campus. With a very reasonably priced rent, this is an opportunity that is hard to overlook.


One of the most important aspects of membership is scholastic achievement. Our philosophy is such:

"That he will labor with diligence to maintain his scholarship at or above the all men's average on campus. The fundamental reason for studying in college is that the college exists primarily for that purpose."

We pride ourselves in our value of academia and we do whatever it takes to help our brothers strive for excellence. With a carefully constructed scholarship plan, our scholarship committee works tirelessly towards making sure everyone maintains and achieves the quality education they deserve.


At Chi Phi, we have a strong sense of philanthropic purpose. As a group of men with the goal of improving ourselves, we strive to improve the community with which we reside. Whether it is volunteering hours, campus service contributions, or raising funds for respectable causes, we aim for excellence.
Our national philanthropy is The Boys and Girls Club of America, which we put efforts towards helping every year. In addition, we partake in volunteering for the county level branch of the Special Olympics Bowling. All philanthropic events are open to all who share our passion.

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